Trenching for a New Water Line for the New Pool House

I am getting ready to build the new pool house but I don't trust the original water line because it is thin-walled PVC and not buried deep enough in some places. So I run a new line at the proper depth using my Kubota backhoe and my BXpanded trenching bucket and backhoe ripper. But there is a big rock to deal with...

Clamp-on Pallet Forks: Are They Right for You?

Even though my front-end loader has a quick attach coupler, I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the big bucks on a set of quick attach pallet forks so I opted to start with some very affordable clamp-on forks from Titan, purchased through Amazon. I quickly discovered just how useful pallet forks can be and bought a set of quick attach forks about six months later.

Adding Chain Boxes to My Kubota Tractor

If you're a tractor owner, then you probably know how handy it is to have a logging chain with you for both the expected and unexpected towing tasks. Problem is most tractor brands give little thought to storage on their tractors. Sure, there's usually a small tool box for light weight items, but nothing big enough or strong enough for a 20-pound chain. Well this, is my solution to that problem.

Tractor Heater Upper – Kubota Cold Start

It doesn't get nearly as cold here in the South as it does up North and I am just fine with that! Since really cold weather is rare here, engine block heaters aren't as common as they are in the North. But occasionally, the temperature dips into the teens and single digits, which would make for a sluggish tractor start. So this is my solution for warming up the tractor on those rare occasions.