Kubota L Series 100 Hour Maintenance

This video will help you with the 100 hour maintenance of your Kubota L2501, L3301 or L3901 tractor. In addition to walking you step-by-step through the maintenance tasks, I’ll tell you what problems you might have that your manual doesn’t cover. I’ll also tell you every tool you will need for each task, down to the correct wrench sizes.

This is the second video in a series I am doing on Kubota L Series tractor maintenance. Recently I completed the 400 hour maintenance on my L3901 and it occurred to me that I was doing all the steps of the 50 hour, 100 hour, and 200 hour maintenance milestone as well. So I am in the process making a video for each of these milestones with the video I shot for the 400 hour maintenance. I am also going to release several standalone videos for tasks such as greasing, oil change, hydraulic oil change, and cleaning the water separator.

Be sure to download the Kubota L Series Maintenance Tool and Supply List and print it before you start your maintenance! You’ll want to have it with you when you start.