Kubota Tractor Therapy: Clearing Logs

So today I just needed some good old Kubota Tractor Therapy.  Seems like moving the logs of those trees that Bob pushed down, then I cut up would be just what the doctor ordered.

First, I needed to detach my bucket and attach my pallet forks.  Easier said than done on uneven ground, but after a couple of tries, I got it.  I love the quick attach system!  If you are considering buying a tractor with a front end loader, I highly recommend investing a little more for quick attach. It will open up a whole world of front end attachments.

I started with the smaller logs first. Some of you are probably thinking “he needs to get a grapple”, but I’m not convinced.  I think I can carry a lot more logs with my pallet forks.

As I get to the biggest logs, I play it safe and just carry one at a time.

I carry the big logs one at a time

These logs will actually serve a purpose where I am dumping them.  They will be the back stop for a shooting range just behind my new shop.

With the logs moved, I need to do something with those stumps. They are too heavy to pick up with the forks, even after I knocked some of the dirt off the root balls. So I swap my forks for the bucket so I can push them to their new home, wherever that’s going to be.

I decide to tuck the stumps into the woods down the hill to become a wildlife habitat.