A Versatile Tractor Carry All for Your Tractor

When it comes to tractor attachments, one of the most useful ones you can have is a 3 point mounted carry all. It is also one of the most affordable attachments if you buy a carry all frame and build it yourself.

The frame I used is made by County Line and sold at Tractor Supply. My wife got it for me for my birthday. What a wife! And what a luck guy I am!

Some of the features I wanted on my carry all were:

  • Lots of places to carry tools
  • A chainsaw scabbard
  • Sides that fold in for carrying wide loads
  • Removable tailgate panels
  • Doesn’t take up too much space when stored
  • Has a 2″ trailer hitch receiver
  • A custom dolly for moving it around

The two part video series on the DIY My Way YouTube channel covers all it’s features and how to build one like it. Here’s a list of materials I ordered online:

If you would like to download a PDF materials list for this project, Here it is:

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