Sawhaul Chainsaw Carrier: Which Model is Right for You?

If you’ve been looking for a chainsaw carrier for your tractor, ATV or UTV, then you should consider the SawHaul by GearHaul. The SawHaul is a great product and there are several options to choose from, but there is one option I chose that you may not know about that I’ll share with you.

In another recent video and post, I built a custom chainsaw/tool holder for my tractor’s FEL tower. In that project, I used the scabbard that came with my Greenworks chainsaw, but soon it became clear it was not durable enough to last, so I looked for a replacement and settled on SawHaul, by GearHaul. After search their website, I found the perfect solution, but it is not one of their main offerings. First, I’ll cover their main SawHaul offerings, then I tell you about a little-known option that might be just right for you, too.

The SawHaul kit for tractors currently sells for $130 in round numbers, before taxes and shipping.  It comes in five color schemes starting with black, which you can also get in three scabbard lengths, starting with the 20” which they have sold for a long time, but now you can also get a 28” scabbard model for $160 and a 36” model for $170.

The 20” kit is also available with lettering in blue, red, orange and green, to coordinate with most any tractor brand you may have.

Choose from Four Other Colors Besides All Black

The hardware includes a wide u-bolt for attaching the scabbard to the side of a tractor’s FEL tower.  However, I would be a bit nervous about having my chainsaw stick out so far out from the side of the tractor.  I much prefer my scabbard holder on the inside of the FEL tower.

They also have a kit for ROPS and Manlift installations for $120.  However, be aware that this intended only for small rectangular, or rounds ROPS that will fit between the SawHaul bracket and the back plate, like the kind on UTVs or manlift railings.

There is also a kit for $130 for mounting on a Polaris Ranger or General UTV bed. The kit includes everything you need except the two Lock & Ride tie downs, which if you buy the Polaris brand, costs about $25 each. However, you can get a set of 4 third-party Lock & Ride tie downs for $25.  I might have to get one of these for my Polaris Ranger!

You can also get a base mounting kit without the scabbard for $60, which in theory you can store your chainsaw in, but I really recommend getting the scabbard to protect the chainsaw chain from the world and protect you from the chainsaw chain.

Finally, you can get the base mounting kit with the Pro Grade Scabbard for right at $100.

So which did I choose?  None of the above.  Because there is one more option hidden in their parts and accessories section of their website.  It’s the SawHaul Pro Grade Scabbard by itself for just $40. 

This is their newly resigned scabbard made for their new and improved SawHaul bracket and it is all I need for my scabbard upgrade, as you’ll see shortly. It is 20.5” long by 5” wide. 

The inside gap is ¾” wide, which should accommodate most any chain width.  In fact, since my chainsaw has a low profile, narrow kerf, this wide opening allows the saw dogs to fit in the opening as well.  That’s great because the chainsaw sits flush on the top of the scabbard and I don’t have to worry about the saw dogs wearing down the top of the scabbard.

The top cap is ¼” thick durable plastic.  And it has a couple of holes for tools.

You can get the scabbard in three lengths, starting with the 20” for $40, or you can get a 28” scabbard for $60.  Or you can get a 36” scabbard for $80.

In the 20” length, you can also choose between the four other colors for $5 more.

To get the scabbard to fit in my scabbard holder frame, I had to make a few notches in the rim of the scabbard as shown below.  The 1 and 5/8” notch allows the scabbard to snug up to the 1.5” angle iron of the frame. And the half inch notches allow the clamp bracket screws to fit around it.  It’s a snug fit, but the scabbard is held in place very securely.

Now I didn’t have to take the loader off to change the scabbard.  I took the loader off so I could give you better views of how it fits.   To get the SawHaul scabbard on I have to take the clamp plates completely off.  First the upper clamp bracket goes on.  I put the screw and star washer back on.  Then I put on the bottom clamp bracket.  I put the nylock nuts on by hand.  Then snug them up firmly but not too tight.

Whatever your chainsaw carrier need is, chances are there is a SawHaul model to fit the bill. Maybe you just need the SawHaul Pro Grade Scabbard like I did. I can tell you the SawHaul products are very well designed and made to last.

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