Fixing a Hydraulic Leak on My Kubota L3901

It’s bad news when you discover a puddle of hydraulic fluid under your tractor. But sometimes it’s and easy fix. In this post I show you how I found and fixed my first hydraulic leak on my tractor.

Recently I noticed a small puddle of liquid on the ground under my front axle when I had stopped the tractor during using it for landscaping. After I was done and parked it in the shop, I again notice a small puddle of liquid below the front axle. At first inspecting there was I thought it might be coming from the power steering system and feared I was in for an expensive repair. Fortunately, after further inspection, I found the leak was due to a loose hose clamp on the oil cooler line, which is really a section of flexible hose.

According the owners manual, the line is to be checked every 200 hours and replaced every 2 years. That means I’m a year past due to replace it, so I should probably put that on my to-do list!

The end of the Oil Cooler Line connects to the Oil Cooler Return pipe, which carries the cooled hydraulic oil back to the transmission case.

In case you’re curious, here’s the route of the pipe back to the transmission case:

The picture below shows just how cramped the space is.

This time I got lucky. It was an easy fix!