A Ballast Box for My Kubota

Having proper ballast for your tractor is essential for safety when you are carrying a heavy load in your front end loader (FEL) or pallet forks. Not having enough counter weight can cause your tractor to tip over and it can happen quicker than you might think.

I have had my tractor start to tip before and it is not a pleasant experience! Disaster can usually be averted by quickly lowering your loader to the ground.

Three point mounted ballast boxes are popular for providing good counter weight for those heavy loads in your FEL. I chose the Titan ballast box because it is reasonably priced and got good reviews on line. Here are some the specs on it

  • 800 pound load capacity.
  • Standard 3 Point Category one hitch.
  • Two inch trailer hitch receiver.
  • It has pallet fork slots for easy moving.
  • Sliding door for emptying sand or gravel ballast.
  • Two tool holders.
  • Powder coated finish.
  • It weighs 132 pounds.
  • Currently priced at $349.99 on Amazon, with free shipping.

There are also some identical ballast boxes, possibly for lower cost (and probably made in the same factory):

YINTATECH Ballast Box, 3 Point Category 1
BestEquip Attachments Ballast Box, 3 Point Category 1

Of course, I can’t leave anything stock. I have to modify it and so I added large tool holders, a chainsaw scabbard, and expansion studs on the sides for adding additional weight or equipment carrying pods. Click on the video below to start watching Part 1 of my three-part series on the modifications I made.

Here’s a parts list of what I used to make the balllast box mods:

  • Four feet of 4″ Schedule 40 PVC Pipe
  • Two 4″ Schedule 40 PVC End Caps
  • Four Feet of 1″x 8″ PVC Board
  • Two 3′ lengths of 5/8″ Threaded Rod
  • Eight 5/8″ Nuts
  • Eight 5/8″ Fender Washers
  • Four 5/8″ Split (Lock) Washers
  • Ten 1 5/8″ long wood screws

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