A 3-Point Leveling Box for My Kubota L3901

Finally! A leveling box for a Kubota tractor. (With a few modifications, of course.)

The standard adjustable side link on most tractor 3 point systems certainly work for adjusting the angle of your three point system, but they are a lot of work and hassle to adjust. That’s why leveling boxes are so handy to add to your tractor.

It seems you can get a 3 point leveling box for most any tractor but a Kubota, but that all changed when I found a couple of posts on the TractorByNet forums about a leveling box that would work on Kubota tractors sold by Weaver’s Compact Tractor Parts . Once I saw the forum post about them, I got on the Googles and sought them out and sure enough it looked like they had what I was looking for, but it would need a few easy modifications to work. Watch how I take this inexpensive ($116 when I purchased it) leveling box and make it the perfect leveling box for my Kubota tractor.

There are two sizes to choose from:
Adjustable leveling box – 16- 1/8″ – 20″ Range
Adjustable leveling box – 19-1/2″ – 25-1/3″ Range

The first one was the one I chose because the length range was what I needed.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: A commenter recently informed me that Weaver’s Compact Tractor Parts has apparently changed manufacturers for this part. Some of the dimensions may have changed and the forked end may not be deep enough for many applications. Also, there is a 20% restocking fee for returning an UNMODIFIED leveling box, so buyer beware! Howerver, I found what looks to be the identical item on Amazon, that appears to match the specs of the original on I bought:

All States Ag Parts Parts A.S.A.P. Leveling Box Assembly

The brass bushings I used in the project are available on Amazon. Here are two options that will work:

Can you guess what the orange stripe is for? Actually there are two of them. Find out what they are for in the video.

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