Kubota Tractor Mods Overview

This is an overview of the mods I’ve made to my Kubota tractor, most of these are “must-haves” in my opinion.

One of the first mods I made to Big Orange was to add two of Ken’s Bolt-On Hooks to my front-end loader bucket.  They have proven really handy, especially when I had to move my old pool house to make room for a new one.  I also have one mounted to the backside of my backhoe bucket.  

Most tractors only come with a dinky little tool box if they have one at all. That was the case with my tractor. The left side tool box simply replaced the rather pitiful one that came with the Kubota.  This is a plastic ammo can that provides much more storage and is water tight. I liked the first one so much that I later added one on the right side.  In the video on these storage boxes, I’ll go over my choice of ammo boxes, how I mounted them and what I keep in each one.

In my opinion, another must-have tractor mod, is LED lighting mounted on the ROPS.  These are especially important if you have a front-end loader, which renders the tractor’s headlights almost useless. I started out with a front-facing light bar and two small rear-facing lights.  Later, I added two side LED lights to give me 360 degree lighting.  These things are very bright.  They are controlled with switches mounted near the left fender.

If your summers get as hot as mine do, you may want to add a fan to your ROPS like I did.  This little fan really makes a difference in keeping me cooler on those hot summer days.  The fan is easily removed when not needed.

To handle the extra load of my LED lights, fan and other accessories, I added an additional fuse box.  I also added a 12 volt accessory plug mounted near the light switches.  This is where I plug in the fan.