Carryall Tool Rack

Add a removable tool rack to your carryall and expand its utility!

When I built my carry all, I added 2″x4″ rectangular brackets to carry wide-handled tools like post hole diggers and axes. But it occurred to me that I could also fit 2×4 lumber in them to make a removable tool rack.

Originally, I just had one set of rectangular J hooks I made from cutting up some scrap steel framing and used bungee ball cords to hold the tool in place. These hooks are great for wider tools up to about 3″.

Recently, I have had the need to carry more tools on the tool rack so it was time to add more hooks. But finding the right type of hooks was more challenging that I thought it would be. After a good bit of searching, I settled on felt-lined gun rack hooks I found on Amazon.

Gun Rack Shotgun Hooks

These gun rack hooks work well for me but another option you can consider are Quick Fist Clamps, also available on Amazon.

Like with the original top hooks, I used bungee ball cords to secure the tools in the hooks. But I made a couple more changes that make it easier to secure the tools and ensure that I don’t lose the bungee ball cords.

Oh, and even with tools in the tool rack, I can still carry tools in the vertical tool holders. Also, if I don’t carry a tool in the bottom hooks, I can still use my chainsaw scabbard.

Here’s a closer look at the setup. I installed 1.25″ inch wood screws above each hook to hold the top of the bungee ball cords when not in use. I also put small eyelet screws about an inch below the hooks that the bungee ball cords squeeze through. The combination ensures that I don’t lose the bungee ball cords and helps them stay snug to the tools. The bungee cords can conform to hold just about any kind of tool that can fit in the hooks.

The total length of the uprights are 66″, but this can vary according you your needs. The height of the uprights above the top of the carry all is about 34″. The bottom of the first hook is 7″ below the top of the uprights. The bottom of the hooks are 10″ apart from each other. And the bottom of the lowest hooks are about 7″ from the top of the carryall.

Of course, you can customize any of these dimensions to your needs and your tools.

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