Adding a Fire Extinguisher to my Kubota Tractor

For all the mods I have added to my tractor, I hadn’t added a fire extinguisher – until now! The problem is there’s not much space left to mount one.

With all the mods I have already added to my tractor, finding a place for the fire extinguisher was a challenge, but I finally settled on the inside of the rear fender where it will be safe, easily accessible and won’t get in the way of mounting the backhoe. Given the limited space available, I decided to go with a 2.5 lb. extinguisher.  I wish I could have gone bigger, ideally a 10 lb. model, but that was not an option.

When choosing a fire extinguisher for your tractor, go with as big a model as you can find space for.  Also, make sure the extinguisher is an ABC class, meaning it can handle ordinary dry combustibles (like wood, paper cloth, and most plastics), flammable liquids (like gasoline, grease, and oil), and that it is safe and effective on live electrical fires.

Also be sure it comes with a mounting bracket and not just a mounting hook! 

I bought the Amerex 2.5 lb. ABC Dry Chemical Class fire extinguisher with a mounting bracket from Amazon. 

I used some 2” wide steel flat bar to make a t-shaped mounting bracket for the fire extinguisher to attach to.  It will be bolted to the fender, making use of two existing holes, which are 1 3/8” apart, center to center.

I begin by cutting a six-inch piece of 2” wide by 1/8” thick flat bar I had.  Then drilling two 5/16” holes.  The first hole is 5/16” from the end, and the second hole is 1 3/8” from the first.  Both are centered to the width of the bar.

Then I removed the mill scale from the piece with an angle grinder and a wire brush wheel.  Then I tack welded 5/16” nuts to the plate, to be used with the 5/16” bolts that are temporarily holding the nuts on.  I’ll cut the bolts shorter later. 

Then I cut a 3” piece of 2” by ¼” flat bar, which will serve as a stand-off between the horizontal bar and the vertical bar that the fire extinguisher will mount to.

Next, I tack welded the stand-off plate to the horizontal bar before running full length beads.

I used a 6.5″ length of 2” by ¼” flat bar for the vertical bar that the extinguisher mounting bracket will be screwed to.

I cut the piece to length on my chop saw. After the piece cools off, I mark where the screw holes will go.

Then cut a piece of 1/16” rubber sheet to go between the horizontal bar and my tractor’s fender to protect the finish.

I drill the holes with a 5/32” bit.  Then tap the holes for #10-32 screws.

Next, I test fitted the fire extinguisher bracket to the vertical bar to be ready to get the final measurement I needed.

I begin by mounting the horizontal bar and to the fender, using the rubber spacer.  You can see in the picture below that I’ve cut the bolts to length.  Once it’s bolted on, I mark the vertical bar where it will be welded to the horizontal bar to put the fire extinguisher at a good height, which BTW will be 2 ¾” above the top of the horizontal bar.

Then I cleaned the mill scale from the area of the welds.  I tack welded the pieces together; cleaned the slag off; then ran the beads. Finally, I cleaned the welds with an angle grinder and a wire brush wheel.

One more test fit before painting the bracket:

Then I cleaned the mounting rig with acetone, primed and painted it Kubota orange, and let it dry overnight. The next day, it’s time for the final installation.  I tighten the bolts, then put the fire extinguisher in its new home.

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