Everything Attachments XTreme Duty Compact Tractor Landscape Rake: Is It Worth It?

Are you in the market for a rugged and versatile landscape rake? If so, you’ll want to read this post on my experience with the Everything Attachments XTreme Duty Compact Tractor Landscape Rake. I cover the specs, features and how it has performed for the last two years.

This sturdy landscape rake normally comes in yellow. However, Everything Attachments also makes this same rake in orange under their Land Shark brand, with the same specs and same pricing, so you can buy it from either Website depending on what color you prefer.  Links to each are below:

Everything Attachments XTreme Duty Compact Tractor Landscape Rake

Land Shark XTreme Duty Compact Tractor Landscape Rake

According to the websites, the Xtreme Duty Rake is made from premium A572 Grade 50 Laser Cut Steel.  It is available in 5, 6, and 7 foot wide models.  The tines are made from 5/16” thick and 1” wide high-quality Italian spring steel to resist breaking and bending.  The tines are placed in individual, laser cut holes & held in place by carriage bolts for easy replacement.  There are 7 forward and 7 reverse angle settings.  And my favorite feature is it has a 24″ offset capability by simply removing a pin and swinging the rake over to one side.   There is a parking stand for easy hook up to your tractor.  You can also get optional gauge wheels to control the depth of the tines.  It is category 1 quick hitch compatible.  The rake is made in the US in Conover, NC and shipping is free within 1,000 miles.

The 5’ model weighs 245lbs and costs $874, as of the publish date of this post.  The 6’ model weighs 265lbs and costs $932.  And the 7’ model weighs 285lbs and costs $983.  I bought the 6’ model.

BTW, they will only ship to a freight terminal or commercial business, so keep this in mind.  I had mine shipped to a local business because I knew the owner.

When I picked up the rake, I was pleased that it came wrapped in plastic and strapped to a pallet with steel straps.

This thing is built like a tank!  The 3-point frame is made from ½” steel bar.  The Offset angle plate is 3/8” thick.  And the swing arm is made from 3/16” thick 3×5”rectangular steel tubing.  The tine bar angle plate is ½” thick.  And there is a balanced lifting ring.

The tine bar is ¼” thick steel, and the tines are mounted in slots that allow 3 degrees of bend from the mounting bolts for efficient and resilient operation.  But the real strength come from the 2×2” square support tube and 3/8”thick connecting plates.  This design keeps the tine bar straight and rigid.

Now let me show you why I love this rake.  Of course, you have the usual angle adjustment on the rake.  There are 7 forward angles settings.  And 7 reverse angle settings to suit the job at hand.  I like to use the reverse setting for the final smoothing out of my driveway. 

But the killer feature for me is the 7 position rake offset which allows you to swing the rake out to one side or the other.  Positioned like this you can collect material from the sides and pull it toward the middle, like I do when pulling gravel from the sides of my driveway back into the drive.  You can also combine these two angles for straight offset raking, or swing the tine bar the other way if you want to rake material from the middle out to the sides.

So, after almost two years of ground raking, and driveway maintenance, thie rake has proven it’s worth.  BTW, the rake in combination with my box blade does an awesome job revitalizing my driveway.

But if you really want to see what this rake can do, watch the Everything Attachments videos on how to use a landscape rake

So, is the rake worth it?  Let me put it into perspective for you.  The 6 foot Xtreme Duty rake costs $932, which is certainly a big investment.  But when I looked at other less expensive options, like a 6 foot rake from Titan Attachments at $640 or a 6 foot County Line landscape rake for $700.  The build quality and features just weren’t there.   I also consider a Land Pride rake.  The only model with similar build quality and features was their 7ft LR3784 rake, but it’s priced at $1,800 or more.   So, for me, the Everything Attachments rake seemed like a great value.