Kubota Tractor Mod: Versatile Tractor Toolboxes

Tractor manufacturers don’t give much thought to storage on their tractors, so it falls on us tractor owners to come up with toolbox and storage solutions to meet our needs. Here’s my solution for adding tractor toolboxes.

Ammo cans are often the go-to choice for DIY tractor toolboxes and for good reason. They are generally sturdy and water tight. However, I felt that the classic tall 30 and 50 caliber ammo cans were too deep for my needs. I didn’t want to have to dig through a pile of tools to get to the one I wanted, which would inevitably be on the bottom. So I looked for an ammo can that wasn’t as deep, but wider to give me a good balance between storage capacity and accessibility.

The ammo can I settled on is the MTM Case-Gard AC30C-40 ammo can in black, which I bought from the ammoboxes.com.  It is no longer available in black but you can still get the can in forest green and paint it the color of your choice.  You can get it for $11.97 before taxes and shipping from ammoboxes.com or you can get it on Amazon for $7.99. 

MTM Case-Gard AC30C-40 Ammo Can

The ammo can has a rubber O-ring seal that keeps everything inside nice and dry.

To mount the ammo can to the support arm, I used the same bolts that held the stock Kubota toolbox to the support arm.  On the underside, I cut two pieces of 1/8” by 1” steel flat bar, 5.75” long to provide solid support for the ammo can.

Notice the rear flat bar is mount at the very back of the ammo can.  This gives the lid enough room to open and rest on the ROPS so it will stay open.

The other ammo can is mounted on two 10” by 10” by 1” steel corner braces, which are mounted on the same U-bolts that hold the fan bracket to the ROPS.  The top holes were drilled out to 3/8” to fit the U-bolts.  I had to drill two extra 3/8” holes in the corner braces to match the U-bolt spacing. The horizonal arms of the corner braces were cut to 7.75” and the ammo can is mounted starting near the rear of the can.  I used quarter inch screws, washers and nylock nuts through existing holes in the corner braces to mount the ammo can to the corner braces.  On the inside of the can, I used quarter inch fender washers with the screws to firmly secure the can to the corner braces.

So this is my solution to the chronic tractor storage problem. These toolboxes have held up very well and have kept my tools and such protected and dry. If you want to know what I keep in them, watch the video. It’s only six minutes long.

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