BXpanded Backhoe Thumb for My Kubota

I own several BXpanded products as you’ll see in this video and others to come. When I found out that BXpanded had started making a factory fit thumb for the Kubota BH77 backhoe, I was thrilled and ordered one as soon as possible. After I installed it and started testing it, I fell in love with it!

The link to it is below on BXpanded’s website is below.

BXpanded Barracuda Factory Mount Back Hoe Thumb for Kubota BH65, BH70, BH76, BH77

Since I already owned the BXpanded Quick-on Backhoe Bucket Connector, I needed to order the long jaw version.

This thing is well built! Half inch steel is used for the jaw and thick-walled steel tubing is used for the telescoping arm.

I made one modification that has proved worthwhile and that is to drill out the hole in the positioning pin so that I can use a quarter-inch lynch pin to hold it instead of the weeny, hard-to-remove, easily-lost pin that came with it. You can see this modification in the picture gallery.

Picture Gallery

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