Expanding “The Lake”

This is a series of videos chronicling the expansion of what we affectionately call the “Lake”. The “lake started out as a watering hole no larger than a bathtub. It turns out this watering hole had great potential for growth!

Part 1

In 2008, this was no larger than a bathtub…right about there.  That year, my wife surprised me with a weekend rental of a backhoe loader for my birthday.  What a lucky man I am to have a wife like that!  She even had a bow on it. 

I had an absolute blast!  One of the many projects that weekend was to dig out that water hole and see if we couldn’t make a little pond out of it.   As it turned out, every scoop of dirt I removed immediately filled with water.

This is what the “Lake” looked like before starting the expansion

My wife asked me to try to make it larger, so that was the day’s project, although this will take several days to complete – over the course of several months, due to almost constant rain. Argh!

Part 2

In Part One of this series, I started expanding the little pond we affectionately call “the lake”.  On that first day, I managed to get a good bit dug out.  But before I could dig out more, I had to move the pile of dirt I made back from the edge to have room to work, so that was the first task.  Because of the near constant rain here, this was eight days after Part One.

In Part 1, I managed to get this much more dug out

Part 3

There’s been brief break in the almost constant rain so I took advantage of it to dig out our little pond more. It was still very muddy work!

There is a big rock next to those trees that I need to move out of the way.   My new backhoe thumb would have been handy then!  I could have just picked it up and carried it instead having to push and pull it around.

Stay tuned for more installments in the Expanding the “Lake” series!