Clearing the Shop Site

It’s high time I had a big shop building to play – uh, I mean work in! I’m thinking something of a decent size like 30′ by 40′. There is only one reasonably flat area near the house where it could go, so that’s the area I need to work with.

The multi-part video series covers the work done to prepare the location for the building, including cutting down trees, grading, digging out rock and back filling areas.

Part 1

The first slide in the virtual tour below is the site where my 30 by 40 foot shop building will be built.  It will have two roll up doors on each side with a metal entrance door in the middle.

Shop Building Virtual Tour

The back wall will have one roll up door as well as a metal entrance door.  Both side walls will have two windows each and of course there will be plenty of space for Big Orange to live.  There will be lots of room for tools, benches and equipment and room for another vehicle. May be a side by side for roaming around on the property.

There will be a 30 by 16 foot shed on the back of the shop for keeping my tractor implements out of the weather.

The first tree to come down was pretty straight, so I should be able to fell it wherever I want, but I gave it a little encouragement with the backhoe anyway.  I was using my Greenworks 16-inch G-Max 40V chainsaw.  I must admit I was very skeptical of battery powered chainsaws, but this thing has won me over.

The next tree was a bit of a leaner, so I had to be careful in case it barber chairs on me. Fortunately, it didn’t! I had a GoPro attached to this tree and there is a cool “tree cam” shot of the tree coming down in the video.

I needed to move some dirt to be able to get Big Orange closer to the logs I want to drag out.  After moving a few more scoops of dirt, I started dragging out some logs.